God loves you no matter what!

“Would the fetus in my womb feel angry if it got aborted?”

That is an inquiry I received via my contact form.  How does one answer such a question, and in an e-mail!! Thankfully, Irina from the United States, was interested in conducting a proper Reading.

The first message I received when channeling Irina was,

“God loves you no matter what!”

For the remainder of the reading, the message was replayed in different ways to show Irina that no matter what her decision was regarding to aborting the fetus, it would be accepted by God and that neither he, nor the soul within her, would be angry or resentful towards her.

Irina, who was born in Romanian and raised in an Eastern Orthodox family, felt the need to bring a second child into the world out of fear and pressure from what she felt God and the community expected of her, even though she personally did not want another child. The fear of God was overwhelming.

Religious Fears are a common theme in many clients, especially in my Miscarriage Readings.  I have discovered that those who grew up in very religious households, especially in South America, Eastern Europe, and United States, often have Religious Based Fears.  I have discovered this for Catholicism, Christianity and Fundamental Groups, although I have not yet had enough Muslim and Orthodox Jewish clients to consider how these religions affect people.

The Religious Based Fears and Beliefs contradict my concept of God.  I have been brought up Jewish and live in Israel, however my comprehension of God and the Universe stems began when I Saw the Light and from my psychic work.  For me, God and his energy is Unconditional Love.

When working with clients who have Jesus1Religious Based Fear Beliefs, the guides lead me to remove from the client beliefs such as “I fear that I will cause Jesus to suffer”, “I will be punished”, “I cannot advance myself outside the Religion’s roles for me”, “God is threatening”, etc.. Beliefs that were instilled into my clients as children by the church and/or family.

It isn’t the religion that is the problems, I often advise clients to join a local church or religious group for their need for a place of worship and community.  It is the images and sayings that as children they often heard or saw in church.  As a young child they may have misinterpreted or absorbed them in their literal meaning rather than symbolic meaning. Or were simply frightened by what they images they saw, stories they heard, or by the sayings and beliefs the leaders or parents preached.  These images and sayings turn into beliefs that haunt the child well into adulthood.

Let us recall, however, that these are part of that person’s life lessons.  There is the belief that the soul chose to be a child in a family or community where the Religious beliefs would have such an affect on them.  It is as adults that we naturally investigate our understanding of God and the Universe.  It is a time for many to readjust their view.  For some its from being an Atheist to becoming a Believer or Relgious, or vice versa.  For those with Religious Based Fears it could be altering the view of a Fierce and Overwhelming Character to a Loving, All Accepting Energy.

Therita from South Africa recently contacted me although she was not sure for what reason.  She is searching for her spirituality,

“I grew up in a very religious household. And I do believe in God. But I find myself questioning a lot… Thinking and pondering the spiritual world, souls, growing in my personality and being challenged with what I believe.”

This is the place where the adult is facing his / her ;life lesson and adjusting their view of God and his acceptance of them and their actions.  It is similar to how as adults we readjust our relationship with our parents from that as a child.  You see your parents in a different light (especially when you are parent yourself).  You see your parents did things out of love for you and not out of hatred.  Just as God takes care of his children.

The Religious say – God Loves You.  And this is true – No Matter What.


One thought on “God loves you no matter what!

  1. I received the following message about this post –

    “Thank you so much for your post – it really struck me to the core.

    I’m not very good with wording my feelings and thoughts but what you wrote really resonates with where I am in my life and what I’m experiencing! And your post gave me so much comfort! It made me feel that I can have a relationship with God without being bound by a church, or maybe just taking a break from it in order to figure out who I am / where I’m at… As I believe that each person’s relationship with God is unique and it cannot be depicted to you by anyone. Yet, attending church and praying feels much to forced from my side. Almost like I’m doing it out of obligation / fear (like you mentioned in your post). I think I just need to find what works best for me.

    I just feel like my ‘inner person’ and my ‘outer person’ isn’t connected / in harmony. Maybe that is why I felt the need to contact you… I need to find my ‘authentic self’ and not just follow a certain path based on my culture, family, influences, etc.”

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