The Spirit Baby that wanted to stay

Tina from Sweden contacted me after her “third” miscarriage.  She said that she is consistently depressed and depleted of energy and that she feels that the miscarried bay is always with her and speaking to her.   Tina wanted help communicating with the soul.  She wanted to know, “if I should keep longing to hold him in my arms or let that fairytale go.”

At the beginning of the diagnostic stage of the session, I felt the need to scan Tina’s aura / field.  Around her body I found several souls attached to her.  These are souls that have left the body but soul has not returned to the Light.  One by one I extracted the spirits from her and sent them back to the Light. There was a strange lizard creature, a male soul – “Hank” that attached himself to her in her teenage years, and a distant unborn soul which Tina believes is her unborn brother that her mother was forced to abort when she was a little girl.  This Tina considers to be her first miscarriage.

There was also a very clear and prominent presence of a one year old boy hanging on to her left hip and it felt like she was Mother_and_Child-1211901224holding him.  This was “Frank”, the soul of two miscarriages in the last three years, and he was not about to let her go.  Tina felt as connected to this soul as he was to her.  However, I felt that this soul was not supposed to be with Tina in this lifetime.  Tina and Frank had a loving mother and son soul relationship, and Frank needed to be with its mother.

When consulting with the guides I became part of a meeting that included Tina’s guides and Frank’s guides.  Tina’s guides expressed that Tina needed to release Frank from her earthly body [there was another soul waiting to be born into her life].  They felts she may want to keep Frank near her, hovering above her, until she was ready to release him.  Frank’s guides explained that Frank needs to separate itself from Tina.  He had a reincarnation to go through on his own before he can reunite with Tina in the following lifetime.

I told Tina what the separate guides said and let her decide what to do.  With a heavy heart, Tina releases Frank:

“Well Frank you know I’ve really wanted you by my side, you know that.  And I wanted to connect with you again and be with you again…[long pause] And I don’t know exactly what is right here…what we need to do but…if the guides tell us that if we are not supposed to be in this lifetime together then its best if we both let go and… Because I have not been happy.  And I need to be happy.  I need to…move forward with my life… And you need to move forward with yours.  And if we are meant to be together then…then so be it. [I interject] We will meet each other in another lifetime.  And this is really sad for me…to let you go.  Because you feel so close to me. And I feel that we are close in spirit.” Me:  That will remain.

I felt Frank give her a hug and then slowly and willingly leave her and float towards the Light. I did sense that Frank would stay with Tina for a little while before moving on to his own reincarnation.

I repaired Tina’s very torn up Aura.  Tina needs time now to heal and rejuvenate.

I found this session fascinating.  It was new grounds for me.  A soul that was not meant to be together with this Earth mother forced himself into her human state.  There is a different soul waiting to come through but Frank pushed himself into the conceiving body.  Since it was not the “correct” soul, the body miscarried.  This is my understanding of the explanation I received from the guides, although it felt more complex than I could understand at this point in my conception of God’s world.


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