The Psychic that will not tell you your Future

I lose a lot of potential clients because I refuse to tell a person his or her future.  The future is yours to make based on the decisions and the paths you take.  The minute you change or decide to take a different path then your future changes. Telling your future now will keep you on a specific path.
The way I see it, you are driving on a highway towards a destination.  There are road signs that signal that the exit is coming up.  You decide not to get off at that exit for whatever reason and continue on the highway.  You turn off at the next stop 30 kilometers further North and at some point you turn South and eventually arrive at the same destination.  It may have taken you a bit longer, however, maybe the scenery was better, or you stopped for a bite to eat or saw an interesting attraction.  Whatever the reason, you eventually arrive smarter, fuller or entertained, and hopefully, not upset by the detour.

Life is the same.  They are signs on the way that lead you towards your fate.  Sometimes we don’t see or are not open to these signs.  Some do not believe in signs and others ignore them. We make decisions often based on our thoughts or logic and not by our heart or signs. Nevertheless on the way, during our journey of life, we learn and collect different tools that we can use in our fated role, place or occupation.  Hopefully we accept the longer journey as a gift and not get upset by it.

God gave us “Free Will”.  The ability to choose from different possible courses of action or different ways to go.  There is no one way of getting there but rather several, and all roads lead to our fate.  d

One way I can assist as a psychic is by assisting to a person that is at a fork in the road.  I can feel how each of the
direction feels and how it will affect them.  Whether it will strengthen the person or be difficult.  Educate or just a detour. The client then makes their own decision.  I never tell a client what to do. It is important to make their own decision and to stand by it.

My tip is to keep an eye out for signs.  Once you are open to changes or possibilities than the universe can, and will, send you road signs and assistants to help you find the proper way to your fate.  Assistants can be strangers you meet who give you some advice (often these are considered angels), interesting courses  are suddenly available in your budget, or sudden job openings or possibilities that are open to you.  These are often called COINCIDENCE.  I do not believe anything is a coincident.  If your eyes (and heart) are open, these signs will present them selves*.  If I tell you your current future, your eyes will be closed because you are expecting or looking for something else.

* If you need assistance in clearing the your view so that you can see the signs, I would be honored to assist you. Sometimes there are beliefs or fears that distract the view.


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