A Backpack Full of Rocks

All of our lives we accumulate beliefs, hardships and anxieties that we gather throughout our childhood, adolescents and as young adults. They are like rocks that we pick up and carry around in a backpack, with some rocks being bigger and heavier than others. Rarely do we remove these rocks, even if we don’t need them anymore. We carry this heavy backpack everywhere we go as it is a part of us.

Eventually we are sick and tired of all that extra weight on our back and in our lives. Our shoulders hurt. We feel like our back is breaking. Nevertheless we continue to haul that heavy backpack full of rocks with us everywhere.

I recommend that once in awhile there is a need to repack that backpack. Take out each individual rock and examine that fear, belief or pain from our past. The following is an exercise in repacking:

Identify a Rock – Find a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine that you have a heavy backpack on your back.  What does the backpack look like?  Is it sporty or fashionable? Imagine that you are taking off the backpack. Now open the zipper / clasp and remove a rock.

  • How big is it?vista_color_rocks_by_amine5a5
  • What color is it?
  • What does it represent? Which fear / belief / anxiety?
  • Do I still feel this fear / belief / anxiety?
  • Does it still serve a purpose in my life?

If it still fulfills a purpose,  keep the rock but check if the rock still needs to remain this size? Could it be smaller? If so, image shrinking its size. Put it back in the backpack.

If it does not fulfill a purpose anymore, decide whether you are ready to release it, or if that scares you, put down somewhere for safe keeping.

If you are ready to release it, think of how you would like to imagine releasing it. You could:

  • Throw the rock  very very away.
  • You can break it by stepping on it or hitting it with a sledge hammer.
  • Imagine the rock dissolving into nothing.
  • Shoot it with a gun so it blows up into little pieces
  • Explode it like fireworks

         Whatever you desire.

If you are uncomfortable in completely getting rid  / releasing the rock, would you be willing to put it down in a pile rather than returning it to the backpack?  If so, imagine doing so.

Do this for each rock you feel in your backpack.  

After you are done, put the backpack back on and see how it feels.  Does it feel lighter? How do you feel?

Are there any rocks that you returned to your backpack that you would like to shrink /  release but are unable to do so at this point.  Think about how you could go about dealing with it?  (If you would like for me to assist you in this, I would be honored).   The point is know what you are carrying and maybe get some of the heavy weight off your shoulders so that you feel lighter in life.


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