Miscarriage – A Spiritual View – Pulled Back

Nicole, 31 from Australia, initially contacted me by filling out a request to receive a Message from the Womb.  I immediately felt the soul calling me but when I tried connecting to Nicole and the soul I could not, I felt something was off.  I contacted Nicole to verify her full name and discovered that she had had a miscarriage in the 12th week.  Still I continued to hear the soul calling for me to channel it.  The following is my conversation with soul:

Noa: I am here to listen to you.

Soul: It’s about time, I had to wait a long time [for you]. (The energy feels angry).

Noa: Why are you so angry?

Soul: Because I could not make it through [miscarriage].  I am used to getting what I want and this time it didn’t go as I planned.  I pushed myself myself through even though they [the guides] told me to wait a bit longer.  I got in but the guides pulled me back.

Noa: Do you know why they pulled you back?

Soul: For two reasons –

First, my mother needs to do something she has been wanting to do but is holding back.  They [the guides] did not want being pregnant with me to be an excuse not to do it.

And second, I need to learn to wait my turn.  To be patient with TIME.  Hate this [life] lesson.  Will fight it every chance I can.

Noa – I believe you will.  And words of advice for your mother on how to educate you?

A different voice: Tell Nicole to be firm.  She has the power to put this future child of hers in its place and that is what it [the soul] needs.  At the same time she will learn to push her needs forward.  It may be a bit tough but she has more strength than she gives herself credit for.

Nicole requested to know if the miscarried baby was a boy or girl.  If feels masculine but I have a a feeling that it will return as a girl.  I wish Nicole the best of luck with the child but also know she will do a good job being its mother.


4 thoughts on “Miscarriage – A Spiritual View – Pulled Back

  1. Thank you. It’s always good to hear that these children can be challenging and that it is important sometimes for parents to honor their own needs.

    1. By challenging, I mean that as parents we blame ourselves when children are willful and difficult to manage. We think that it’s because we are bad parents. This shows that the children come this way sometimes, and it isn’t all our fault!

      1. You are right. I have discovered from channeling souls within the womb that often they come with their “difficulties” including eating, educational, and emotional into the world. It is the soul’s lesson and at the same time the child is also meant to help one of the parents’ with their own life lesson through this issue.

        Often in the session I tell a parent not to worry because a child refuses to eat, is frightened or is very shy, it is the way they are and not to worry or think that something is wrong.

        Thank you for your comments and being a fan of my blog.

      2. Yours is one of my favorite blogs! As a parent of 4 and having had one miscarriage, it gives me lots of food for thought. Luckily, my miscarried baby communicated her reasons to me and returned as my 4th child a few months later, so I have peace there. I understand how few women have that gift.

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