Miscarriage – A Spiritual View – Waiting for the Older Brother

I had a fascinating psychic session this evening.  It strengthened my belief that things occur that are beyond our understanding and occur for a reasons we have yet to discover.

Amy from the United States originally contacted me for a Miscarriage reading.  We deferred the session to allow for the month of mourning*.  During this time Amy’s life was thrown into a whirlwind when she and her husband became sudden foster parents to her 20 month year old cousin, Wayne [name changed].  It was a fascinating session with many different characters involved. One of the prominent topics for me was the interesting explanation for the miscarriages.

I felt that Amy had two souls waiting to enter her life.    Amy, in her great desire to have a baby, has been undergoing IVF treatments.  She twice became pregnant however both pregnancies ended in a miscarriage.

During the session it became clear that  Wayne was meant to be in Amy’s life.  He is also meant to be the older and protective older brother to two younger siblings (either twins or closely aged).  He was supposed to help Amy (also adopted as a child) heal some of her own issues and fears.

Madonna with Child and two Angels by Filippo Lippi
Madonna with Child and two Angels by Filippo Lippi

It is my feeling that due to IVF treatments, the souls were “caught”.  They then aborted themselves.  The souls wanted Wayne to be the first to enter Amy’s life.

Amy, her husband and Wayne needed time to sort out the dramatic life changes and their relationship without the demanding attention of another baby.  Wayne also needed to fulfill his role as their older sibling.

The souls were simply waiting for Wayne.

Amy also feels that this is so.

* It is my custom not to hold Miscarriage Reading during the first month after the miscarriage.  I believe the mother needs time to mourn and heal.  The reading is approached differently when in mourning and when the initial shock and sadness passes.


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