Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: ” I don’t want to come out”

Michelle, 39 from Australia, has four living children from previous partners.  The last 3 miscarriage are from her current partner.

Ever since I received Michelle’s miscarriage survey three weeks ago I have been wanting to do the reading.  It has not left my mind.  It is like someone is calling me to listen.

It is the voice of the soul who is purposely leaving the fetus body.  Immediately when I connect to Michelle I hear:

“I don’t want to come out!”777fbb4d-ed70-4816-9f81-e7bc6c4c31b4_theophanic_light_-_symmetry_of_soul

– Who are you?

“I am the soul that is meant to be born to Michelle.”

– Why don’t you want to come out?

“Because they wont love me like I should be loved.”

– Who are they?

“The big ones [older siblings]. They don’t want to add anyone else to the family…They want it to remain as it is.”

– And you mother?

“Dad want me, Mom is tired but wants to please him.”

– What would you like to tell your mom?

“To let it be.  If I want to come out I will do it on my own.  Pressured and anxiety won’t help.  I can’t be forced to come out.”

– If you don’t want to come out why are you waiting to be born by this group of parents?

“Because they have the terms [conditions] I need to go through my life lessons.  I was put here by them.”

– Who are them?

The voice disappears.

Thank you Michelle


2 thoughts on “Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: ” I don’t want to come out”

  1. I received the following message from Michelle:

    Hi,Noa,I was pretty upset by the reading..as o find myself now 8 weeks pregnant….my youngest child has said she doesn’t wish for me to have a baby as she thinks o won’t love her anymore.I would like to keep this baby.
    Regards Michele

  2. My reply to Michelle was as follows:

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for your reply. I can understand you being upset by the reading and am very happy you are pregnant again. Remember the soul did not say he will not come but only that he will come on his terms.

    I felt throughout the reading that this is his personality and has been through several lifetimes. Keep that in mind as he grows, not to push him but rather let him get to the decision himself.

    I do feel it was an important reading as it showed how souls pick or are given parents for their life lessons and how the personality is already there.

    Wishing you the best of luck with this pregnancy and the child,


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