I control my life, not my fears – Recurrent Miscarriage Study

Cecilia from Turkey filled out my RPL Questionnaire and at the same time contacted me directly for a miscarriage reading.  This is what she wrote:

“I would love to have reading from you as I am so confident it will be so helpful to get me through this process. I have been doing several IVF attempts, I had 1 ectopic pregnancy, and 2 miscarriages, both of twins. I am 41 years old and love my husband very much, he also loves me and we are so willing to have family. All these disappointments have hit us hard emotionally but brought us closer. During my last pregnancy I was full of fear of having another miscarriage. We want to try again this January 2015 another round of IVF … As we are feeling somewhat hopeless, but very stubborn to continue trying… I think it will be quite helpful to talk to you, i am sure i will bring a lot of piece of mind. Thanks, Cecilia”

When I wrote Cecilia back my spiritual guides informed me that it would not be right to conduct a one hour Miscarriage Session by Skype at the moment but rather do a miscarriage reading first.  When I felt the need to provide Cecilia with further explanation as she was anxious for a one-to-one session, my feeling was that something would come out during the Miscarriage Reading that she needed to hear before she would be reading for a session. This is what Cecilia needed to hear, or rather do, before we could conduct a session:

I was unable to enter Cecilia and could only communicate with her spiritual guides.  Cecilia is very fearful, she even mentions this in the questionnaire.  It is my understanding that she also runs away from everything.  When I asked her guides what is the cause for her recurrent miscarriages, this is what the guides said:

“She [Cecilia] is too scared.  She needs to put her fears down* and make a verbal declaration

women_freedom_by_rush2anthony‘I run my life – not my fears!’

Once she does this she will open herself up to others**. But she should be warned that fears and the causes of those fears will come swarming up to be dealt with – that is where you come in. She is now ready for a session with you.”

Cecilia once you are ready to make that declaration, please contact me and schedule a Miscarriage session and possibly Psychic Therapy because I feel that you are now ready for this.

* My feeling is that when Cecilia needs to put her fears down, she needs to literally lift the heavy weight of the fears off her shoulder with her hands and set it down next to her. Act out the action.

** This is a pattern I am seeing with recurrent miscarriages.  Women who are overcome with fears have no room in their bodies or lives for something foreign like a new soul / baby.  Their fears take up all the space.  Clearing them out allows the new soul a space to stay.  Nevertheless cleaning them out is not always easy to do.


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