Protecting Oneself – Recurrent Miscarriage Study

Hagit, from Israel has had 5 consecutive miscarriages in attempt to have a second child.  The medical establishment has found no explanations to these recurring miscarriages.   In the RPL study questionnaire, Hagit, in her late 30s, noted she witnessed a traumatic event in her life.

I had a difficult time channeling Hagit at first.  I needed to physically go outside the house and sit directly in the sunlight.  Still I could not channel her.  When I asked my guides for an explanation, they said that,

“Hagit blocks herself from herself.”  

After explaining to the guides that I have received permission from Hagit to channel her and requested a temporary removal of the block I heard:

“You can only see from Afar.”

29614_dragon-and-beautiful-womanHagit is scared of life and prefers to live an imaginary life of books and legends.  In this world all is beautiful and the Black from real life does not exist.

There is a fearful dragon in the dark and I start feeling nauseated.  The dragon will not let anything get in or out that will distract Hagit from her sleepy life of love and happiness.  I ask the Dragon, “Do you block away also new souls that want to enter?”

“No, Hagit does it on her own with her fear of change and the destruction of her perfect [imaginary] world.”

I ask the guides, “How can Hagit allow a new soul to enter her life?”

“By slowly leaving this fake world and entering the real one.  It is not as scary as she thinks.  Things have changed since she entered [the imaginary one].”

Do you think she can reenter on her own?

“With a little help from her friends or you.”

–End of channeling session–

Hagit closure within this SAFE world has kept the black, scary past out but also at the same time kept other things out as well.  Her first child is a very strong soul that could get through the dragon.  The next soul is making Hagit face her darkest fears.

My feeling is that Hagit is able to return to this world slowly but surely.  I would be happy to hold her hand and guide her though to the process back into the Light.

Want to participate in the study, click here to fill out a Questionnaire.


4 thoughts on “Protecting Oneself – Recurrent Miscarriage Study

  1. Noa, Thanks for taking the time for my psychic reading. I’m afraid you were misguided about me, and I apologize if I misinformed you regarding my status.
    I have 3 kids. The miscarigges occured while I was attempting to have a forth child. My journey towards for a forth child started while I was in my late 30’s, and right now I’m in my late 40’s.
    Perhaps its this data that made it difficult for you to channel me, and I am really sorry for that.
    However, The reading doesn’t describe me at all. I was able to channel the suffering and agony from my truamtic lost into a personal growth. I now try to help other women who had similar experiances to mine, and I try to give them comfort and guidance.

  2. Hi Hagit,

    Thank you for leaving a comment, it is very important for the study.

    Your reply lets me know that I need to change the questionnaire a bit, thank you.

    I was wondering, so that I can understand the reading better, around what age did you turn the traumatic lost into a personal growth? Around what age?

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