Afraid for My Child – Recurrent Miscarriage Study

Amanda from the United States, aged 25, has had 6 consecutive miscarriages.  The doctors are unable to find the cause for the recurrent miscarriages. A and her husband “are both ready to start our family, but feel adoption is our only choice.”  Amanda has not undergone any fertility treatment.

“It was just awful what occurred to that boy and I don’t want that to occur to my child!!!”

This is the first thing I hear when I connect to Amanda.  It seems that Amanda witnessed something when she was young that scared her to death.* She fears the same thing will occur to her future child.  It is this unconscious fear that causes incoming souls to leave the body causing a miscarriage.

Amanda needs to separate that fear of death that she observed from the fear she has for the future of her child.  I do not see from the soul of her future child is not fated to leave early in its lifetime.

I feel three souls waiting to be born if Amanda and her husband want them.  However Amanda needs to go through some treatment either with a psychologist or with a psychic healer like me, to release her fears  The Life Lesson surrounding the incident Amanda witnessed has been learned by Amanda and it is time to let it go.

* I have discovered that these traumas may have been a small incident but very significant in the subconscious of the person who witnessed it. Each individual would react differently to the same incident.  For Amanda, the intensity of the reaction is part of her life lessons.

To participate in the recurrent study, click here to fill out a short questionnaire.


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