A Scared Soul – A unborn soul’s request to be released

Gaby, a Theta Healer from Guatemala, sent me a message requesting a second opinion as to the soul within her womb. 

“I am pregnant with my second child, and I am 15th week. I have been dreaming that my child talks to me and said to me that he decided not to born in this occasion, my boyfriend dream something familiar that the baby told him that this wasn’t the moment. We ask god and the angels and they always tell us that he will not born in this time, i am sad because i really didn’t felt ready to have another child but i want to know why i received all this information. thank you for your help.” 

On my initial psychic connection with Gaby I received a similar understanding regarding the baby’s soul.  My connection with the fetus’s soul was very faint and distant however I did feel fear.  I requested of Gabi permission to try to communicate with her unborn soul and asked if she already gave the child a name.  

Gabi gave me permission and the given name of the baby.  Upon channeling the soul I was immediately met with a strong feeling of fear and confusion of a very young essence. This is the message related through me:

20110328095628-nelson_2010-3_2“I am not ready. I need more time.  Its the wrong time for me.  If I come now it would be difficult for me, my parents, my sibling – FOR ALL. I need more training before I can enter for the first time. HELP!

Please ask my parents to release me.  I promise to find someone good to replace me. A thank you prize.  It will happen real soon. I will meet with them in the next lifetime.”

And then the voice disappeared.

Date of reading: 26 Nov. 2014

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