“I didn’t leave you Mother” – A Miscarried Soul’s Message to its Mother

Recently, Emma from Australia, contacted me requesting a “Message from Within the Womb” for the current pregnancy.  She noted in the sign-up form that she had a previous miscarriage. 

Immediately upon connecting to Emma I received the following message.  Only at the end did I realize that it belonged to the miscarried soul.                         

The current fetus has a different soul.  Its message, and its explanation of why it is about to be born, will be explained on a later post.

“I didn’t leave you Mother, I just moved on.  I needed to check something regarding the timing of my entry with my guide, and the circumstances regarding your relationship with your parents at this time*.  I felt I needed the situation to work itself out before I entered your life.  I need the grandparents involved in my upbringing. It is an essential layer in my evolution.  

I will be back, bigger and better.  See you soon.”

-Date of Reading 18th of November 2014

* I cannot tell if “this time” means currently or at the time of the miscarriage.  Time is different in the world beyond.  It is theorized that a few days in a soul’s time in the world beyond is weeks here on Earth.


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