Feeding the Sadness – Client Consultation

A fellow psychic healer from Spain requested to consult with me on one of her clients.  She sent me the following mail:

Hi Noa,

I’m trying to help Allyce* who is pregnant with twins and virtually since the beginning she is on permanent bed rest with…high risk of miscarriage. She lost a baby on 1st of January 2004 and again in May 2009…. She has a son, Dino, who is now about 4 years old… She also lost a little boy called Dani last year – he was 8 years old. He had a rare disease.
His mother is distraught and I’m trying to communicate with him but this time for some reason I can’t get him through. His mother is pregnant again with the twins ( non identical) and trying her best to not convey her suffering for the death of Dani to them and also to keep calm and not worry about loosing the twins also​.
If there is any way you can maybe contact her son Dani and speak to him and maybe speak to her unborn twins it would be lovely. She needs to know that Dani is alright and would like to know if her twins are alright and she hasn’t harmed them with her tears and sadness about Dani, she;d like to know why they chose her as a mother and if all will be okay…
Thanks very much – I think your work is wonderful.
Love Sandy
PS – I remember that her mother lost her 16 year old son in an accident in the bathroom when she was 25 days old. She says that death in babies and children run in her family – may be karmic problems there?
*Names changed for privacy.  Sandy received permission for Allyce to allow me to channel the Dani and the twins.

When I channel Allyce I feel a very sad woman.  It has always been a part of her, from early on, and all her life she has had to find way to feed the sadness.
Allyce’s life lesson is to overcome sadness and to be happy at all situations.  The twins will help with that.  They will make her happy even when she is down because they will constantly demand love.  Their demand for love is not in a difficult way but in a way that will not allow their mother to fall into depression because she needs to take care of them.  This is why they have arrived.  But Allyce needs two children to combat the sadness, double the demand for love.  At the same time also have each other to be able to receive love from each other.
Dani is hiding.  This isolation is for two reasons.  Firstly he feels bad for causing this pain for his mother.  She need to somehow convey to him that he should not feel guilty.  It may take her time to do this however  “time” for us here on Earth is not the same as “time” is for the souls.   It may be a while until Allyce feels ready to convey this message to Dani, however Dani will not feel like it has been a long time receiving it.
At the same time, I feel that Dani’s soul is recuperating from its illness and is in some down time.  His role on Earth was to feed his mother’s need for sadness and also learn how to sacrifice himself.  His soul has always been selfish and was used to taking, and in this lifetime he had to give. It is a new feeling for this soul to know that he has caused some pain for someone he loves and to be affected by that feeling.  It feels like a good lesson for his soul, nevertheless, I feel that at some point Allyce needs to release his guilt.
The twins are fine.  I do not feel that they are very affected by their mother’s mourning.  They are also a bit sad in their nature so they feel at home.
I do not see a reason for a miscarriage to occur (but I am not a doctor, only a psychic). I do recommend a daily exercise where Allyce surrounds herself  with healing energy or white light.  It will offer her and the twins with the Love that they all need and seek.
As for Dino, it is my feeling that maybe he is getting lost with all that is happening around him.  My feeling is that there is an  aunt or a close friend that may feels like an aunt to Dino that can intervene.  Whose house he can hang out in. He needs some nurturing from someone outside the immediate family.
Sandy, this is a difficult case.  I feel that Allyce has a lot of learning and healing to do but it is my feeling that she needs to do it on her own.    In my opinion the best way to assist her is to send her unconditional love to strengthen her.
I hope this helped.  Noa

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