Alternative Miscarriage Story – Don’t want to Share

R. from Israel, 44,  has contemplated for many months whether or not to have another child.  She  has a young teenager and a 1.5 year old from her second husband.  Her husband wants another childת while she is unsure due her age.  R. recently became pregnant and then had a miscarriage.  During the psychic reading (R. is a recurrent client) I felt that one of her children was unwilling for another child to join the family.  R. related that she felt that her toddler daughter is not ready to share her.  The daughter was still breastfeeding and R. herself did not want to stop the close intimacy they now share.

When reading R’s body I saw that there was a connecting cord between the unborn soul and the mother.  I felt that the unborn soul would return if R. decides to try to get pregnant again.  The unborn soul also sent a message to it’s mother:

“I did not miscarry, I left because it was not the time to be born.  I was not in pain and there was no blood*.  I am not angry or hurt. I am waiting for the right time for me to come into the world and if you [mom] decide not to have a child, I will enter your life in a different way.  We will be together at some point.”  My feeling during the message was that the new soul and R’s soul belong to the same soul family.

R. and I discussed how to recognize the parameters to recognize when “the right time” would be to have a another baby in a few months.  The parameters included end of breastfeeding of toddler, her husband’s career, changing work conditions so that she can work from home, and strengthening her body through yoga and proper eating.

R. felt that the miscarriage was a sign for her that she does want a child but needs to release the stress of her age and conceive without pressure.   She does not feel guilty or blame her body for the miscarriage but sees it as a sign that her instincts to wait just a few more months were correct and will enjoy these months with her youngest to the full degree.  And then, if she so chooses, get pregnant again.

*This was a constant worry of the mother during the D&C procedure.



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