No need to apologize for the miscarriage

Often clients request during a Miscarriage Psychic Readings that I convey to the miscarried soul that they are sorry.

THERE IS NOT NEED TO APOLOGIZE.  You did not cause the soul to miscarry.  In almost all the cases I channeled the miscarriage was a conscious decision made by the soul to release the body.

The reasons for miscarrying are very difference but two patterns have emerged.  The first is a soul that wants to be born and will return in a different body but first feels it’s mother needs to make some changes in her life before she is ready to accept him.

In other cases I was amazed to discover that it is the mother’s spiritual guide or a soul family member that will  get itself conceived, sometimes the mother is not even trying to get pregnant, and then miscarry in order to shake the mother into soul searching or reassessing her life.  A trauma often causes us to reflect within.

In both cases the new soul has made a decision to leave this particular fetus body OUT OF LOVE for the mother and its desire to assist her.  The soul did not get insulted or is angry at the mother since it was his decision to leave the fetus body, and not because something  physically went wrong.  In all the cases of miscarriage that I encountered, none of the miscarriage were caused by medical complications.

A woman should not at all feel ashamed, guilty or feel the need to apologize for the miscarriage as she did not do anything wrong.



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