Message from Within the Womb – Asking Mom’s Assistance

This week’s new soul’s mother, R. from the U.S.A., contacted me to find out how she can channel her new soul on her own. R. is a yoga teacher and is very connected to her body. I recommended that she begin listening to the fetus. To pay attention to how it physically reacts to different music, people, her singing, etc to figure out its preferences.

I believe she has the ability to channel her new soul. I gave her the task of asking the baby’s soul three questions out loud and gave some tips on how to hear the answers. I also asked the new soul the same questions. Her questions and my answers from the new soul is written after the message.

R. is in her 17th week of pregnancy.

New Soul’s Message:

I am a little frightened of the world. It is a strange place to go to with lots of strange people, animals and plants. I know I will feel all their energy and I feel a bit overwhelmed. I will need to learn in time to control and close out those energies that are overwhelming me.

Mom, I kindly request your assistance in this. We will learn together how to do this for the both of us because I know you suffer from this too.

Questions #1 – Are you a boy or a girl?
Answer #1 – The new soul is a very gentle feminine spirit.

Question #2 – When should I give you the journal?
Answer #2 – When I am 8.

Question #3 – What is your name.
Answer #3 – A type of strong tree.

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One thought on “Message from Within the Womb – Asking Mom’s Assistance

  1. This is the Mom R’s reaction to the message:

    Thank you so much, it makes quite a lot of sense, as to why I’ve been feeling the need to be extra energetically protective and to stay away from certain people and places. I will focus on straining out unwanted energies in my meditation practice.

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