Psychic channel with a breech baby

I remember the first time I channeled a breech fetus.

The expectant mother came to me to turn her breech baby, 35wk,  around so that she can have a natural birth.  Her first child was also breech and was born by a Cesarean birth / C-section.  She really wanted this time to be different.

The female fetus felt very warm and cozy in the womb.  It felt like the mother’s heart was a warm sun overhead.  When I asked, several times, my guides the reason for the breech position, the answer I repeatedly received was that the fetus wants to be close to the heart.

I checked out the two options available to the mother and saw how they each felt.  The first option was to somehow to turn the fetus so it faced head down.  The way I visualized was to put her hands on the stomach and slowly move/massage the hands clockwise.  However whenever I put my hands on my stomach to demonstrate this I felt a discomfort and pain in my stomach (I am her body when I channel and feel what she feels).   I made a point of telling the mother that I cannot promise that using this technique will guarantee success.  I also saw that the mother would still need to fight for the ability to have a natural birth at the hospital especially since her first birth was a Cesarean.

When I checked out the second option of having a Cesarean I felt relieved.  I felt the decision of having a Cesarean took the constant worry of the breech baby/C-section off my shoulders. The mother has been so wrapped up in finding a way to turn the fetus that it has started affecting other areas of her and her family’s life.  The other feeling that I received was the feeling that she did not fail by having a Cesarean. This was very important to convey to her.

I offered her these two scenarios and it is up to her to decide what to go for.  I do not think it is right for me to tell people what to do but let them see, feel, and understand the possible consequences of their decision or possible decisions.  I believe she will continue to try and turn the fetus and may she have success.  Most importantly, may she have an easy birth and a healthy child.



12 thoughts on “Psychic channel with a breech baby

      1. They are very different. The one on the bottom was breech, the one on top was transverse – and was always moving. As a young adult, she is very independent and constantly busy. The breech one on the bottom is quiet, doesn’t move much even now. He’s a homebody, but has Asperger’s syndrome. So he is a bit more dependent, but also less affectionate.

      2. How interesting. I wonder if there is a connection between the Asperger syndrome and being breech. Not that he is Asperger because he was breech, rather he was breech because he has Asperger. Maybe I should look into this, do you give me permission to do a quick channel of you and your son? Please send me your full name and your son’s name to me directly –

      3. Since I do not have your son’s permission today, I cannot feel him today.

        As twins in your stomach, I do feel that your daughter is most definitely the stronger one and demanded most of the room in the stomach. She pushed your son to the side and he feels like a boy who is hiding behind his mother’s skirt for protection. He was pushed to the corner and he was breech because he didn’t want to be kicked in the face.

        Their relationship is that of one being strong and the other weaker. Interestingly I feel that they are often together in previous lives, switching these roles in each life. These souls are working together to find the equal balance between the two of them. Probably in this lifetime too.

        Thank you for letting me channel your family.


  1. so Interesting.. I was breech and i have read things about being resistant to change. I feel that asperges/autisim is high functioning crystal/rainbow aura and so highly sensitive with intuitive gifts (i am highly empathic and intuitive and find relating to people as though i’m “not” quit a challenge like pretending to be stupid). I have really struggled to become independent from my mother – never quite finically able to live by my own means… I wonder if you could help me with this at all?

    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing. Please contact me directly with your full name and I will check with your spiritual guides on whether I am meant to help you.

  2. I was born breech. My mother said she doesn’t love me because I was born this way. Can you help me understand why she feels this way?

  3. I was born breech. My first child was breech, too. I totally resonate with what you wrote – both about wanting to be close to the heart (though my sense is that it was my mother who may have been afraid to let me out into a ‘scary world’ and it was easier and felt safer to keep me close to her bosom, so to speak); AND that it became very clear at a certain point that delivering my baby by c-section could still be a triumphant, spiritual, fulfilling experience for us both (despite planning a homebirth to begin with). I came to feel deeply that there was no failing in her coming out her own way, butt first, through a ‘window’ in my belly. 😉

    So, yeah, this speaks to me. THANKS!

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