Messages From Within The Womb – After Miscarriages

This week’s message from the womb combines my work with new souls, miscarriage study and my work as a psychic therapist. M. is my client who came to me for a Miscarriage Reading after several miscarriages. To read the Miscarriage Reading click here.

Shortly after our sessions began M. got pregnancy again. The fetus is currently healthy and strong. This is a channel with the new soul (N.S.) at week 13 of pregnancy.

Noa: Welcome [new soul]. Glad you stayed.

N.S.: It was hard to get in here. It [the womb] was stuffed to the rim [with emotional baggage] and I could not get in. Thanks for helping clean it up – we appreciate it.

Noa: We?

N.S. Me and my sister. You felt us both trying to get in and you were right. She is still waiting to come.

Noa: Why didn’t you come in as twins?

N.S. She [mom] would not have physically been able to hold us both. When she is physically ready [after my birth], my sister will come.

Noa: What do you have to tell us about the miscarriage?

N.S. It was hard. A bit like a rejection, I want to come in but can’t. Sometimes I felt like she didn’t want me and then I would see her crying and understand that she wants me more than anything so I would try again. I am glad I finally got in. I do not want to leave again ever!!

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