Baby Whisperer – Hearing the fetus from within

As a psychic who channels the new soul (the fetus) inside of its mother’s womb, I have had the privilege of being a baby whisperer.  Each new soul feels different, behaves differently and has different expectations from its parents and life.

I decided to answer some of the more common questions mothers have about the new soul within them.

1) Is my baby happy?

Understandingly the most common question.  Almost all of the babies I channeled were happy or very content within the womb.  How could they not be, I love the feeling I get when I  feel the baby within the womb.  The warm water surrounding you in a closed protective environment gives a feeling of safety and comfort.  There is a feeling of love and sometimes anticipation that is sent from the mother.  I can understand why sometimes they do not want to come out.


2) Does he like the music we listen to?

In this particular case, no the fetus would have preferred calmer music but this is not the case of all fetuses.  The fetuses do like music but not necessarily classical calming music.  There are those who like dance music, calm meditation music, children songs and yes also classical music.  I really can’t tell you how to know what kind of music he/she likes, although the message I am now getting is “by how they react.”

3) Does my baby hear her/his daddy and family? 

Yes, fetuses are aware of close family members, i.e. fathers, grandparents, siblings, cats, etc. although their reaction may be different for each one.  Sometimes the connections to one family member is stronger then another family member, for instance in case of soul families, in which case the reaction is stronger. With strangers, they ignore and don’t react.  Not worth their time.

4) Why does my little girl stop kicking when I tell her daddy to come see/feel?

In this particular case the fetus stopped so that she could bath-in / concentrate on her father’s energy.  It felt like a baby observing out the window and trying to understand “who is that?”.


I have channeled fetuses who like to hear their mother tell their siblings stories.  Who loved it when her mother laughed because it caused the stomach to bounced up and down.  A fetus who reacted to a cat walking over her mother’s stomach.  Who was scared of the noises her four older siblings made outside the womb.  And most interestingly, a fetus who was breech because she wanted to be closer to her mother’s heart.

Already in the womb each child is different with their own preferences and personality which continues into life.  One thing is for sure, it is a nice, comforting and pure place to be within their mother’s womb.

For a more spiritual understanding of new soul, check out the Messages from Within the Womb series.

Have a curiosity about what the new soul says or feels within the womb, leave a comment or contact me.


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