Message from Within the Womb – Loving

The feeling inside the womb this week was lovely and very special. It felt spiritual but in a unique and calming way. I will not reveal where the mother resides because her name is relevant. Her name is Grace and she is in her 25th week of pregnancy.

“I am a special soul brought to Earth to bring Love to others, especially my mother who really deserves it.

God decided that the time has come for Mediators* to enter our lives. Mediators who will remind us what Love is, how loving and effective [it is to] receive love from some one [and how it] can affect your life.

My mother teaches it, now it is her turn to really feel it from others as others feel [it from] her.”

A personal note on the reading –
*These mediators are special souls whose objective is to have some influence on Earth’s evolution process.

At a time when we are losing connection with our neighbors, these mediators may be here to remind us how good it feels to “Love Thy Neighbor.” And be loved back.


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