Message from Within the Womb – Fresh View of Life

The mother of this week’s new soul lives in the United States and is in her 30th week of pregnancy.  According to Facebook, she is a nature photographer.


“I see the world differently then others I think.  Unlike other souls, I choose to forget each previous life completely before I enter this life.  I do not want to know what the world is supposed to look like and what I am supposed to know.  I want to experience it fresh and new and do get excited by its beauty each time.  At least that is what my guide tells me I do, I don’t remember.”

-Date of Reading 22nd of February 2014

A personal note on the reading
According to Michael Newton and his study of “Life Between Lives”, the soul’s journey after death and before birth, each soul has a personal guide that meets him upon his death (with or without a loved one).  This guide helps the soul analyse the previous lifetime and the lessons learned.  The guide can be seen as a supervisor and stays with the soul from one lifetime to another.


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