Miscarriage – A Spiritual View – Reawakening

A few years ago M. from Israel  suddenly discovered that she was pregnant .  M. already had two school-age children at the time and was unsure if she wanted another child.  Her husband did not want the baby for he felt that as parents they had finally become somewhat independent and did not want to begin all over again.  E. came to a decision, went to the doctor to discuss having an abortion and discovered that there was no longer a heartbeat.  Although she decided that she did not want the child, until today she wonders why the new soul decided to leave her body.  


E. during the time of the pregnancy feels very dormant in her life and passive about her future.  Her children were older but she was still living solely for them and not for herself.  Getting pregnant caused her to quickly analyze her life, what she wants to do and whether she was willing to wait a few more years to do it.  The frantic thinking process awoke her mind and brought back into action, like jump starting a car battery.  From there the mind ran and E. started learning and developing to become the spiritual healer she is today.

E. came to a decision and then the soul left – it had accomplished its purpose.  It left the fetus before E. had to go through the difficult task of aborting it.

I feel that the miscarried soul that came and went was part of E.’s soul family.  Initially this soul wanted to be born as her child, however when E. and her husband decided not to have more than two children, the soul moved on to different parents.    I feel that part of this soul took it upon itself to awaken E.  It did not mean to stay.  It wanted to cause a change.

There is a belief that the soul splits itself before entering our bodies.  Our bodies are unable to contain all the knowledge of the soul so a percentage remains in the afterlife.   A soul splits itself.  A percentage of the soul remains behind while a portion of it enters the human body.  When the body dies the two soul parts reunite and combine.   


3 thoughts on “Miscarriage – A Spiritual View – Reawakening

  1. I want to know the reason beind the miscarriage I suffered way back in 2013 Februaury when I was some 8 weeks pregnant. can you contact that soul

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