Message from Within the Womb – Avoidence

This week I channeled a cute, timid, masculine soul within the womb of a mother that lives in Israel.  19th week of pregnancy.

“I think life is unique and [should] not be taken advantage of.  It has become a playground for many souls.  A place they can hang out in and not do too much. [Life] lessons are not being participated in, instead its just fun fun fun.  This is wrong.  I hope it wont happen to me.  I want to learn.”

-Date of Reading – 8th of Febraury 2014

A personal note on the message
I feel that what is being discussed here is the use of prescription pills.  I believe that pills and other mood altering substances are causing souls not to deal with their life lessons.   Pills are meant to elevate the pain and depression.  However its these emotional hardships that often triggers the need for individuals to face their conflicts and overcome them.  Without overcoming our life lessons, our soul does not learn and develop.

Pregnant? Want a receive a message from your new soul? 


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