Message from Within the Womb – Soul’s First Time

This week’s new soul (N.S) that I channeled this week felt extremely young. It was dark inside the womb with not much sensory input. The mother is from the United States and is in her 39th week of pregnancy.

New Soul : I am hiding.

Noa : What are you hiding from?

New Soul : The world. It’s scary. I have heard about it but have not yet seen it. I hear it’s big and wild.

Noa : What are your expectations? (I see skyscapers)

New Soul : I am expecting love and nourishment from my parents. I look forward to them. I heard that part is nice.
Noa : They will probably protect you from the scary parts.

New Soul : You are right. Yes, now I am ready to come out. Here I come World. (Smile)

Date of reading – 31st of January 2014

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A personal note on the message
This is the first time I have channel such a young soul.  It felt very innocent and naive.  Like a baby or a very young child.

I have worked with different levels of soul development.  From the young to the old.  What I find interesting is how similar the characteristics of age and maturity is between human life stages and that of the souls.  The young are innocent, need protection and have a lot to learn while the mature souls need their space, quiet and have a great understanding about life and spirituality.


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