Message from Within The Womb – Waiting to be Born


My friend O. is giving birth by a scheduled C-Section next week at week 37.  This is O.’s third C-Section birth.  O.’s new soul (N.S.) feels like an adorable sweet girl full of love and spiritual potential.
Noa: Do you know you are coming out in a week?N.S. : Yes, isn’t it exciting?  I can hardly wait.  I knew it would be early and have been counting the days.Noa : Counting the days?

N.S. : “I came into this body fully prepared to make the jump to the next world [life] and have been waiting ever since.  Even picked a mom that would make it happen early.”

Noa : What is the rush?

N.S. : There are so many things I want to accomplish this lifetime that I didn’t have a chance in the previous one due to an early exit that was not in my control.  I felt like I was short changed.

Noa : Can you tell me a bit about the transition from the life of a fetus to that of a born baby?

N.S. : To describe it – I can’t.  But suddenly you forget everything you knew and takes your whole life to rediscover it.

The connection broke.

– 24th of January 2014

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