Miscarriage – A Spiritual View – A Long Way from Home

D. from the United States contacted me a day after her miscarriage.  We chatted on Facebook and I consoled her on her loss.  D. is a very spiritual person who understood that there is an underlying message in the tragedy.  We agreed to hold a Miscarriage Reading in three weeks to allow her time to grieve.

D. is an Australian living in the deep South of the United States.  Her Aussie light energy is very different from the heavy conservative energy of her current surroundings.


This causes D. to feel like a Stranger in a Strange Land although she has been living there with her family for ten years.

The imbalance of energy has brought about many insecurities within D.  The happy-go-lucky girl has gotten lost under a cloud of anxiety, making her doubt her every thought and become very indecisive.

The soul that pushed its way into her when she wasn’t trying to get pregnant is very much like D.’s old self.  It wanted to be born right away but when it entered the womb, the soul triggered within D. all her fears.  The need to make a decision of whether or not she wanted to keep this unexpected pregnancy brought about a great anxiety within her that was too overwhelming for the new soul. I felt this same anxiety throughout the session and it was overwhelming for me.  The soul decided that it was not a good time  and removed itself.

I did feel that the same soul is waiting for her to come to a decision of whether wants to have another child. If she does, it would return.  I also felt that it was a masculine soul.

I felt that it was good that the soul entered and it was also good that it departed.  It has caused D.to look critically at her life and difficulties, as often after a tragedy.  The question now is whether she will take the steps to deal with these difficulties.

I truly believe that through healing, either on her own or with assistance, D. can return to be the free happy beautiful soul that is within her.  I recommended for her to look into ThetaHealing and am under the impression that she is researching the technique.


2 thoughts on “Miscarriage – A Spiritual View – A Long Way from Home

  1. Also wanted to mention that the first pregnancy at 22 yrs old. I was soooo sick from wk 5 to wk 16 (when the pregnancy was terminated.) Even 2 wks later I was still I’ll. The energy of that soul was very alive and much different than my own. I knew very quickly that I was pregnant and I wanted that baby so bad but didn’t have the ability to raise him/her. They treated me very poorly at that clinic and I feel like they may have been less than nice while I was out. 😞 But I could be wrong. They did ultrasounds but wouldnt show me the screen. I have always wondered if it was a boy or girl or even twins. I was depressed for a good while after that. My soul really hurt.😭 I felt pushed into a decision I wouldn’t have made on my own. But couldn’t justify running away on my own out of a combination of fear and lack of knowledge and resources either. But my maternal instinct was definitely turned on. I feel very grateful for my almost 4 yr old that I have now. Between the abortion and the miscarriages I really feel emotionally messed up. Physically too. Sorry for the book. It’s just nice to “vent”.😉

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