Messages From Within the Womb – The Feel of Nature

This week’s message comes from a new soul within the womb of a woman that lives in the United States. 6th month pregnant with a very calm soul:

 “I miss nature.  The smell of trees and ground.  The touch of leaves and dirt.  The love of nature and man.

 I have heard that the feeling has been changed since the last time [past life].  I hope not.  It would be a pity to ruin.”
– 16th of January 2014, the day of the Jewish Holiday   Tu B’Shvat which is the New Year for the Trees or Jewish Arbor Day.
A personal note on the message
The message is lovely.   The feeling I received during the sentence, “the love of nature and man” was of the energy or vibration that is exchanged between the plant life and humans.  The feeling we receive when we are in the middle of a forest or hugging a tree (which I love to do).
However it was the statement “I have heard…” that stuck out to me.  This statement gives strength  to the theory that after our death our soul leaves our body and returns to the Light where it is reunited with its soul family.  It is within this soul unit that life experiences are shared and analyzed.  Where the next life lessons are decided upon.  I see the statement as evidence that such occurance may actually exist.
Questions? Comments? Insights? Please share.

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