Miscarriage – A Spiritual View – No Room

I have decided to renew my study into the Spiritual Explanation of Miscarriages that started in 2010. As in the Facebook Study, I will return to posting the explanations from Miscarriage Readings.  The following is a miscarriage reading with client M. from Israel – the reading was conducted by phone in January 2014.


M. first contacted me last year after a miscarriage.  She requested information on the miscarriage readings however decide not to have a reading.  She was frightened that I would tell her could not have children.

She called me a year later after she had four more miscarriages – four in four months.  At this point she understood that there was an emotional aspect involved and was ready to do whatever she could to be able to hold a baby to term.

During the reading I had a very difficult time entering M’s head to see how she things, part of my diagnostic reading. M’s head was crammed with no room to move except for a thin path in the middle.  It felt like a hoarder’s house with  lots of items, one on top of the other in disorder.  Nothing was ever thrown out and more items constantly accumilated.  M. agreed that she kept every bit of information, detail and whatnot in case she needed it in the future. M. is a lawyer. 

Also her stomach or Solar Plexus Chakra was packed with fears. Some of which she has not released since her childhood although as an adult she knows differently.  M. is unable to release.


It is my understanding that the miscarriages occurred because there is no room for the babies.  I felt two souls pushing over who will get “in” first but falling off the side.   Since M. is young, I will only provide her with the tools and direction she needs to do the work.  She still has several life lessons to overcome and she can only do this on her own.

M. and I will work together in the coming weeks on learning to release in order to clear out her mind and fears to make room for new residents.

M. gave me verbal permission to write this post.

April 12, 2014 Update — 

A month into our treatment sessions M. got pregnant.  To this date the fetus is strong and healthy.  I channeled the fetus for my newsletter Messages from Within the Womb.  Here is the reading with the new soul.


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