Messages from Within the Womb – Souls from Afar

Messages from Within the WombThis week’s message comes from a new soul whose mother lives in a small town in Southern United States, 7th month:
“It is a strange time to be coming into the world.  Old souls are leaving , new souls just arriving from a different atmoshpere.  [For me] it’s like moving to a new place where you do not know the neighbors.”

– 2nd January 2014

My understanding of the message and feeling the new souls

The soul that relayed the message is sharing with us that some the soul groups he is familiar with have finished their reincarnations and are no longer around.  At the same time new and different type of souls are coming.  This makes the soul a bit uncomfortable – coming into world where there are strange souls.  I would like to point out that the soul’s mother lives in small town.

The feeling I received when I channeled these new type of souls was of a lighter and more spiritual energy.  It felt these new souls know things beyond the “Light”.  I felt like I was tranformed to another atmosphere.  The colors were different.  It did not feel like Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow souls. The experience left me amazed and shaken, curious to find out more.


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