Messages from Within the Womb – My New Understanding of the Messages

 142405_One month into “Messages from Within the Womb” and the journey is taking a life of its own. Its started as a means to show pregnant women and women who work with the fetus what the fetus thinks, feels and how it begins life. Now I see that these souls want to present themselves as a “new voice” to the world. These are not voices of those that have passed away, angels or guides but that of a new soul, fresh from the Light, before it enters the physical world.

I feel that these souls are literally calling me, requesting to be heard. I just have to wait for the mother to present herself. I do understand that some pregnant women do not want a third-party interfering with the personal connection they have with their fetus / new soul and I completely respect that. Maybe there needs to be greater anonymity to these messages so the mother does not know it is her own child unless she wants to know.
I do however feel that these messages do not belong solely to the birth mother but to all of us. They are showing us their conceptual view and the process that souls go through before being born. At the same time, a sort of connection / relationship can already be seen with the mother.  All I know is that something exciting is occurring with these messages that go beyond the mother-child relationship and is introducing a new type of spiritual awareness. I am very excited to see where this will take us and hope you will join me in that journey. Whether as a soul carrier or as an observer.

 I would LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINION on these messages.  Please share with me your thoughts.  All comments are welcome.

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