Follow your Head or your Heart? – Decision Making

Lately I have had some annoying decisions to make.  I like to rely on my decision making exercise to help me make difficult decision.   In the exercise I present to myself the dilemma at hand and listen to the replies I receive from both my heart  and my head. This is where the problem lays.  My head provides me with logical explanations of why I should go with its recommendation.  It feels like a sealed case.  But then my heart tugs me to the other direction.  The direction that doesn’t make sense.  However true logic, spiritual logic teaches us to always go towards the heart, with your instincts.

The heart is the window to the soul.  I believe that the heart is our most conscious connection to our soul.  To the person you are meant to become. The fated path you are supposed to take. The TRUE you, that is before society started putting thoughts into your head.

I see the head as a combination of all the things we were taught and impressed upon by our parents, society, religion, politicians, etc.  It is a broken record of the beliefs and sayings that were implanted into our minds and continue to play over and over in our heads whether we still believe in it or not.  It takes time to break those chants in our heads even after we do not believe them anymore.

Knowing that the head is not the voice I should listen to does not make it any easier.  What does make it easier is remembering that every time I listened to my heart instead of my head I was happier for it in the end.  I cannot say the same when I listened to my head instead of my heart.  Therefore no matter how incomprehensible and against all logical reasoning the decision my heart guides me towards, I know I need to take this direction.

Here is the exercise: Sit quietly and think about the issue at hand.  I recommend to begin these exercises with a topic that you already know the answer to such as whether to do something you love or not.

1) Think about the delimma.  Should I go to the beach?

2) Answer the question with one option.  Yes, I should go to the beach. Where do you hear the answer?  In your head or in your heart.

3) Answer the same question with the other option. No I should not go to the beach. Where do you hear the answer?  In your head or in your heart.

It takes practice and often in the beginning you do not trust what you hear.  That is why one should start with small issues and once trust the excercise develop to more difficult issues.

If anyone has another exercise that works for them, please share it.


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