You are not to blame for your miscarriage!

Photographer – Inbal Ginat

Miscarriages can be an emotional and physical trauma. It is a memory that haunts some women for years.  From depression and great feeling of loss to the anxiety during subsequent pregnancies, the woman carries with her the burden of shame and guilt without an opportunity for closure.  The mothers blame themselves and their bodies.  Through a psychic study into the causes of miscarriage I have discovered that the miscarriage should be perceived as a message of hope and love from the miscarried soul toward the mother.

I am a psychic with ability to channel the fetus.  I provide mothers with readings about their pregnant bodies, their relationship with their unborn baby’s physical body and its soul.  In my work as a psychic specializing in channeling the fetus, I have learned not to channel the fetus during the first trimester (week 12) due to the fact that during this time the fetus’s body and the incoming soul are deciding whether the pregnancy will hold.  This is approximately the same time frame that the medical establishment allows for a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage to naturally occur.  Miscarriages, which account for about 20% of all pregnancies, are defined as the natural end to pregnancy before week 24 due to the fetus’s inability to physically survive independently.

Most often, the miscarried woman only receives a medical explanation for her loss. The medical explanation may be understood and accepted by that woman in the intellectual level but often does not provide her with the emotional understanding she needs as to “why did this happen to me?”  This is a question that was often asked of me during psychic sessions by women who had experienced a miscarriage, whether they have come to terms with the event or not.  From the first psychic readings into the miscarriage it became apparent that the causes of miscarriage were not based on medical malfunctions but rather a personal, emotional or psychological explanation

In 2011, I conducted a study via Facebook of 21 women who have suffered one or more miscarriages and have volunteered to receive a “spiritual explanation” for their miscarriage.  The participants were from around the world including Israel, United States, England and Australia. Each participant gave me written permission for a psychic reading of their miscarriage and included a few words about the incident.  The readings were then posted for the women to read and feedback was welcomed. The results from the readings showed a common theme (89% of the cases) – the need for some kind of change to occur in the mother’s life. 

Before being born into this world, the incoming soul can see its mother’s life in its timeline term and may decide that some change needs to occur before she is ready to introduce a baby into her life.  The soul felt that the mother needed to overcome a fear, grow up, or deal with personal issues before she can deal with raising a child.  In over half the cases, the trauma of the miscarriage set in motion the process needed to overcome these changes.  Almost all these women gave birth to a child at a later date.

I think it would be comforting to know that it was the choice of your baby’s soul not to come into the world at this time.  That it decided to withhold its entrance until such date that its mother is completely prepared to accept him into the world.  The miscarriage should be seen as a long term gift, the first of many, given from the child to its mother.  A difficult experience that does come, however, from a place of love.

Women should not view themselves as victims of miscarriages or the cause of the death of their child.  A few of the women in the study noted that having received the spiritual explanation for their miscarriage allowed them to gain closure and that the feelings of guilt subsided.  They understood the broader picture of the situation.  That the pain and suffering from the trauma made them a better person, prepared to bring a child into the world.  I feel that this is the important conclusion of the study: that the mother should not blame herself for the miscarriage.


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