The Power in a Baby’s Name

One of the most difficult things to do with a new baby is picking the name.   You want to find the perfect name.  After all, the child will carry this name with him for the rest of his life.

But what is in a name?
I have discovered in my work as a psychic that a person’s name has great influence on who they are and the energy they carry.  I can feel whether the person is named after someoneץ, whether that person (if passed away) is looking over them, and what attribute they received from that relative.  If the name I received from a client is a nickname or has been shorten, I can feel that it is not their name and whether this name is empowering them.  Your soul identifies itself with the name your parents gave you at birth, or if changed, what is written on your identification card.
A person’s name has the power to release the full potential of the soul or keep it contained.  The soul is in a body that carries this name and identifies itself.  It may be the numerical significance (numerology) or other form of vibration that affects the energy of the body and it’s receptiveness to the universe’s energy.

The right name for the unborn baby During a “Channeling with the Fetus” session I often offer the client assistance in picking a child’s name.  I am given many potential names for the baby and then try and sense the way the different names affects the energy of the fetus’s soul.  If I feel an insurgence of energy, like a great “high” then I know that the name will assist the soul in attaining its life’s  purpose.  If I feel a more dull, empty or down energy than I know the name is not the right one for the child and recommend finding a different name.

I do not believe that for each soul there can be only one name that is suitable but rather that there are some names that will better enhance the soul’s experience in this body.  It is like spices.  Each spice has a different affect on a certain vegetable / meat item.  We want to pick the spice that will bring out the best flavor in that vegetable or meat rather than overwhelm the product.

Advice for baby name picking – The best advice I can provide parents in picking their baby’s name is to make a list of a few contenders and when the baby is born to look at the baby to see which name best fits that baby’s energy.  The name should fit the baby and not the baby will grow into the name.


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