I am just a channel for the Spirits to do their work

When clients thank me for changes that have occurred in their lives due to our spiritual treatment sessions I always reply that I am just the intermediary agent.  The credit goes to the spirit guides, it was their guidance and techniques that I interpreted to the client.  My skill is the ability how to acquire the knowledge provided by the guides and then relate it to the client in a way they understand.  To receive and use the treatment techniques recommended for the client.  Even if it goes against my better judgement.

Recently a current client of my Fawn, not real name , continued dealing with repressed feelings that derived from going up with her mother’s long term fight against cancer and its affects in her life (see past blog for a bit of history).  The issues of great loneliness and need for secrecy  she currently lives with and that when she was a young child were discussed  and released during the session.

At some point I received instructions to lead through a treatment exercise that felt “weird” for me.  The guides instructed me to request of Fawn to imagine an Utopian family scene.  This went against my understanding of psychological treatment.  We only recently woke Fawn up from a factitious childhood memory in order to deal with repressed issues and now I am meant to guide her back into the fantasy world.   As strange as the exercise felt, I have learned to trust my guides and their techniques.

I asked Fawn to imagine an ideal family setting at the age of 6 on her birthday.  Fawn immediately knew what the scene looked like and where each family member stood and acted.  In her scene her mother had her arms around her and was holding her tight.  It was very emotional for Fawn to feel her mother’s love.  Then I requested that she imagine another scene at the age of 9.

As usual the guides were right.  Fawn came out of the exercise feeling for the first time in her life, her parent’s love and empathy.  She did not feel alone in the world any longer.  She felt that she was part of a warm and loving family.

I never had any qualms on who was really in charge of my channeling sessions and treatment sessions.  I have heard of (and personally felt) spiritual guides sending healing through the hands. I feel that it is similar in my case but I provide the healing verbally.

I thank my guides and give them most of the credit for my clients’ changes in life.  I know that part of the credit goes to me for being able to listen and interpret their unique techniques in a way that the client is willing to try them.
So thank you guides for all the great knowledge and education you have provided me  and look forward to a lasting collaboration.


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