A Spirit Occupied My Body

I have come in contact with many spirits in my work although I am not considered a Medium (see my blog post Mediums vs. Psychics).  I have seen or felt them standing next to my clients, they have spoken to me and through me, and I felt those  protecting my clients from above.  But today’s experience was nothing I have ever experienced.

Today’s client, Fawn (not her real name), late 40’s, was dealing with issues from her early childhood.  When Fawn was 6 her mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Fawn’s mother finally passed away when Fawn was 12.  For years Fawn went to therapy, both conventional and spiritual, to deal with her mother’s death and the affect it had on her life.  Yet Fawn felt that even after all her therapy something was still unreleased but she could not figure out what.

In the previous session I saw that Fawn grew up in a sad household which was hushed and depressing.  Her childhood reminded me of a family with an alcoholic parent where the child becomes the parent and needs to keep the family’s secret.    Fawn on the other hand remembered a happy childhood and could not relate to the image I was describing.  During the week between our sessions she avoided the issue.  In today’s session we confronted those hidden years.

We unlocked the past.  Out emerged memories, feelings of loneliness, hurt, and confusion. Fawn  accepted these memories and feeling to be her own, and released them to God’s light.  After she shattered the “elephant in the room” (the big secret) into pieces, Fawn felt strong enough to approach her mother.  We role played.  I was her mother and Fawn spoke to me.

Fawn began speaking and I made sure to look straight into her eyes.  Eventually I felt like I was drifting, a feeling I was familiar with as it occurs often when I am in an spiritual trance.  At some point I noticed that there is some sort gray colored space between my eyes and the eye opening I was looking at Fawn through.  It felt like a translucent gray colored head over mine.  I was pushed aside a bit for someone else. I immediately understood that Fawn’s mother was occupying my space. I kept on hearing “I love you. I love you.” and “Listen to me in your dreams.” but did not feel that her mother had anything she wanted to say directly to Fawn.  Rather I felt that Fawn needed to release.

When Fawn started directly to me as Noa, I requested a minute to release myself from her mother’s spirit.  I would not have been able to communicate with Fawn under the spiritual occupation.  I slowly felt the spirit leave me.  I then asked Fawn if she saw her mother when she looked at me and she said that she wasn’t really looking at me during the role play.  I told her what her mother said but she did not react so we continued with the session.  I was a strong session for both Fawn and myself.

I am sure this has occurred to other psychics and especially Mediums.  I was an amazing experience that stayed with me all day.  I do not know if I would like this to occur on a regular basis but once in a while, I invite the necessary spirit to share my space for a bit.

Thank you for listening and letting me share my experience with you.  Noa


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