Emotional Therapy – Psychology vs. ThetaHealing

I love Psychology.  During my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Social Work I indulged wholeheartedly into psychology studies.  Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, and of course, Carl Jung, these are the scientists I admire.  For me, people are like books to read and discover.  How they think, make decisions, live their lives.  In my opinion there is no right or wrong way to live, just what is best for that person.  I am not at all judgmental.

I believe in going to a psychologist for therapy.  There have been periods in my life that I attained the services of a psychologist or therapist who worked within the classic emotional treatment frame.  Although there are several psychological therapy theories, like psychoanalysis therapy and group therapy, the concept of these treatment is to discover the root of one’s emotional problems and then learn to live with it.  The truth will set you free.  Treatment can be long term in which layer after layer of the “onion” are striped away until the core or heart of the problem is discovered.

Right before the death of my daughter, see previous blog  “I saw the Light” – How I discovered my psychic abilities, I discovered ThetaHealing  and signed up to take a 3 day seminar.  The seminar transpired during the 30 day mourning period at my house and  my daughter was very present in the learning process.  The seminar taught me how to instantly connect spiritually and how to control it.  It also showed how to treat myself and others.

After trying the ThetaHealing treatments on myself and sensing the healing process, and then observing the changes that transpired, I decided to use this treatment therapy in working with others.  This was the reason my daughter entered my life, shook it and left.  I was now continuing the path of my psychological and social work education, but with a twist.

After 4 years of working with clients using the ThetaHealing Treatment on over 150 clients with the aid and education of my spiritual guides, I feel competent to say that there is a great advantages to the psychic emotional therapy over psychology therapy.

Core Belief

In my treatment sessions with clients I am able to use my psychic vision to see the core belief, the heart of their hardship, in a single session.  There is no need to go slowly in order to uncover layer by layer, week after week, until you reach the core.  Within one session I lead the client gently back through their past, through different periods in their life to acknowledge how a particular belief affected them.   This process descends through time until we reach the root of the problem.  The moment the belief entered their psyche.

This is where the similarities between psychology and ThetaHealing end.  In psychology, at this point you are handed the heart of your problem and told, “here it is – now learn to live with it.”  In ThetaHealing the core belief is discovered and removed, “now that we found it, let’s get rid of it”.

The removal of the burdening belief and the insertion of a healing belief is what changes the client’s life.  The introduction of the new belief and supporting understandings allows the client to live without the internal pain they have carried around.  The client then has the opportunity to live differently.  The new calmness / internal silence may occur immediately or after a few weeks and is unbelievable.  Psychology is unable to do this.

This process takes a few weeks in which unhealthy beliefs and fears are removed one by one, released and cleansed,  and in its place healthy views of the world are comprehended, unconditional love is felt and calmness takes over the whole family.  It is an intense time but one of new beginnings.

However this treatment is not for everyone.  ThetaHealing is for those who have already overcome their life lessons.  The burdens are in our life for a reason, it is our soul’s life lesson.  Once a person has prevailed over their life lessons, there is no reason they need to carry it around any more.  It is time to lay down that sack of potatoes that has been carried everywhere and live life anew. I feel that this occurs around the age of 40.  And if there is an issue or lesson that still needs to be learned then I do not touch it.

I therefore will not work with children or young adults who still have lessons to learn.  For these people, psychology is the correct form of therapy.  For those who have done their homework and want to graduate, ThetaHealing is the way to go.

I love my job!    Thanks to my abilities as a psychic I can feel and see how people think, look at the world and feel them (like a good book).  Thanks to my education as a social worker, my study of psychology and lessons in ThetaHealing and other spiritual tools received, I am able to assist those who are desperate for change in their life to find the silence they seek.

Thanks to my ability to feel people within I can steer them to find the exact knots they need to release.  The people and issues they need explore to request and receive forgiveness.  The path they need to follow to attain their full potential.

For all these reasons and more, I will like to thank the universe and my clients.  Thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

And a special thank you to my angel Ayala for getting me there.


One thought on “Emotional Therapy – Psychology vs. ThetaHealing

  1. Wow Noa… Another amazing post!
    As you can see, I’m browsing through your much older blog posts. And once again I’m struck with the intense feeling that you crossed my path for a reason, and I just can’t shake that feeling!! How do you determine if ThetaHealing will work for a specific client? Would you need to channel with the guides first? Or do a session and then decide which route would be best? I seriously feel like you would be able to assist me with what I’ve been searching for, for so long…

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