Medium vs. Psychic – What is the difference?

For some reason this post has been real difficult to write.  I avoided it for a couple of days but every time I looked for a different title or item to write about I returned to this issue.  On one hand I know that it has to be written, on the other hand I am unsure I can give the subject justice.

Term-wise a Medium is someone who has the ability to channel those who have passed away and receive messages from them, while a Psychic is someone who receives information from other spiritual sources including spiritual guides, angels, etc.  According to some websites a psychics can predict the future using crystal balls, tarot cards, and runes, while mediums can’t.   I kept on coming upon the statement, “a medium has psychic abilities but not all psychics are capable of becoming mediums.”

From my experience and those that I have met this separation is not so clear cut.  Mediums can read tarot cards, predict the future and channel the dead.  Psychics can receive messages from those who have passed.   However each person has the gift they are most comfortable with and prefer to use.   Just like chefs, there are regular chefs and pastry chefs.  A regular chef can make desserts but prefers to cook while the pastry chef can cook but prefers to make desserts.  It similar with one’s chosen clairvoyance ability.

I consider myself a psychic but I have ability to channel those who have passed into the light, what I call passing away.  The sensation I have when I channel them is different.  When I channel the afterlife spirits I feel a heavier energy surrounding me.  I feel that they offer their opinions of what the living person should do with his life.  Their messages often deal (at least in my experience) with how the client should release the person who has passed away.

I prefer not to channel the afterlife spirits during sessions but sometimes these spirits request to be heard or a client wishes to speak with a deceased relative. I feel the need to request permission from my guides to allow the client to receive messages from that spirit and sometimes that request is rejected. At those situations I could feel that it was not beneficial for my client to receive the opinion of the spirit.  Rather they needed to make their own decisions about the future rather than relying on someone else (living or dead).

I much more enjoy the sensation when I am use my psychic powers and channel what I call the energy. Putting into words what the energy is and whom I am channeling is difficult and I will postpone it to my next blog post. (These posts are difficult.  Is blogging supposed to be so difficult?)  What I will say is that when I channel the energy I feel light and airy.  It reminds me of a good marijuana high.  Yes I used to smoke and stopped once I received the gift of channeling because it gave me the same high without the “coming down”.  Sometimes when I can’t sleep I bring myself to this state just so that I can fall asleep.  I love that feeling.

I have great respect for mediums and their work is important for each person who receives a reading needs something different.  I understand the need to channel the passed spirits for I have channeled my own young daughter who moved into the light at the age of 4.5 (a whole other blog post).  With time (4 years) I less and less communicate with her but once in a while, I ask for opinion.

Thanks for listening.  Hope it made sense.


2 thoughts on “Medium vs. Psychic – What is the difference?

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