Hello world!

Hello World!

I have learned to listen to my intuition and my intuition said to start blogging.

I first got this message while camping on the Sea of Galilee in Israel (or Kinneret as it is called locally which means Violin for that is the shape of the Sea of Galilee) with my family.  The Kinneret looks beautiful and strong this year because of the great rains we had this winter and it was wonderful seeing that the water had risen.  One night after the children were finally sleeping in the tent I went to the water’s edge and asked for some guidance from the Sea on how to advance myself professionally.  How to let my psychic ability and knowledge be used to assist others on their journey and the answer was blogging.

I don’t really read other people blogs and I am basically a private person who does not even post personal photos on Facebook but here I am blogging.  I don’t know if anyone will read it or whether that is the point.  But I do know that this is the beginning of a journey.  I need to record my thoughts and psychic understandings down because the is how I learn.  I guess if until now I did not write a journal, maybe the blog and the thought that maybe it will bring me more clients is what will cause me to write it down and learn from it.

It is difficult to send these honest thoughts into cyber space, but until now when I listen to my intuition it worked out well.  And when I didn’t listen I vowed that next time I will.  I guess listening to it the first time is part of the wisdom that comes with age.

I wish myself luck and love in this journey and with a click on the enter button send my first message and its hope for professional development into the universe.

With love, Click


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